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Inside Lucca's Walls
Top Floor with Altana
Elevator & Parking
2 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms

Nov. 2019 - RENTED!

This is apartment lies on the top floor of one the most beauitful buildings of Lucca's historic centre. So central! So exclusive and so QUIET!
The building belonged to one of the most important family in the whole Lucca's history: The GUINIGI! It is dated to 1500 and recently restored, say 10 years ago.. maybe less... by a famous architect. On the ground floor the communal parts are superbly well kept and really beautiful. You can still admire the huge room which used to be the palace's kitchen with its marvellous stone sink, the culumns in the internal amazing courtyard, the bricks vaults in the cellars. Very suggestive. Everything has been brought to a real splendor.
The palace offers the comfort of a double access from two different streets. One pedestrian and one by car trough a private garden. Everything is secluded and very private. Elevator goes from the grounds to the apartment, right inside the apartment. The apartment does not come with historical features like decorated ceilings, or mosaics, or original floors aor others historic valuable details because... here you are on the top floor - in italian: Le Soffitte!! - which in 1500 was the floor for the "workers" not a noble floor, so not decorated. Nowadays the space, the light and the view make it the ultimate in luxury! and it is also very quiet: a full deep silence will make your daily life magically comfortable.
From the elevator's door few steps up lead you to the the apartment living area. The kicthen is very spacious provided with electrical applainces like dish-washer, fridge and freezer. There is a large glass dining table and three windows to get much light. From here some steps lead you up to the ALTANA-LIVING ROOM. There are no words to explaine how magic this roomis !!! How do you say? speachless??
There are 4 big windows which offer you a 360 degrees panorama over Lucca's roof top, San Frediano mosaic, all our towers like the Guinigi tower, and its trees, the Clock tower and then the Walls, the hillside and behind all that our Apuan Alps.
It is amazing!
A long corridor, furnished with a sofa to be a warm and cosy reading-corner brings you from the day area to the night area which - few steps down - comes with two fully furnished bedrooms both with en-suite bathroom. The main bedroom comes with two windows, a large wardrobe, a queen size bed and en-suite bathroom with a tub, bedside tables, two bed side lamps plus otehr staffs. The second bedroom has two single beds, one window plus two skylights and a huge separate closet, two bedside tables and two bedside lamps and a glass desk. The en-suite bathroom comes with a walk-in shower. The apartment offers you and your guests a third (half) bathroom located at the end of the corridor half-way the day and the night area. All the three bathrooms are marble. Also, there is a washer, there is a laundry room.
All the rooms - except for the laundry room - are air-conditined. Plus, a private cellar - reserved to this apartment only - on the ground floor. Also: the apartmetn comes with a reserved parking spot.

Price: € 2200 a month (plus utilities and fees)
LONG TERM LEASE (4+4 contract)
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