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About Lucca

Lucca is a city which can be divided in 3 areas: the historic centre inside the town wall, the immediate outskirt, the nearby hills.

The reference point of this subdivision is "Le Mura", that is to say the Medieval walls which enclose the city into a ring about 5 km round. These walls are considered a real jewel both from a historical and an archaeological point of view as well as from an environmental one because they form a green oasis around the Renaissance buildings, the Romanesque churches and the Medieval places typical of Lucca. On the town walls one can take walks or ride a bicycle, or stop on the lawns to admire the view of the old town or the panorama of the surrounding hills, one can also stop for a picnic on the green or sit on a bench to read a book.

Moreover Lucca can also be considered a reference point for visiting Tuscany since it is close to Pisa, Florence or Siena. It is also well located for enjoying the sea and the "riviera" called La Versilia, or for going to the mountains of La Garfagnana or for visiting the marble quarries of Carrara.