Picture of Square Anfiteatro in Lucca
Debora from Lucca
Picture of Tower Guinigi in Lucca
Picture of Contryside of Lucca
Picture of Lucca inside the Wall

About Me

Hi, this is Debora from Lucca. I was born in this city +40 years ago, have been living here ever since... and I guess I will stay here in Lucca for ever.. I love it! … I love it so much that I want to share it with as many people as possible… that’s the main reason of my job! Come and Love Lucca.

After a degree in business and economics and a long experience in my family company (coffee industry), I'm now happily running my holiday rental agency and dealing everyday with a lot of people from all over the world. My agency rents apartments, country-houses and villas with pool in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy), and it's surrounding area, with a special attention towards Lucca’s historic center, within the beautiful City’s Walls.

It is very important to me that you be aware that I personally select all my properties, I know all of them very well, I usually buy pots and pans and all the kitchen tools, I check everything and I often – when it is possible – live in it for two or three days – sleeping included - to understand if they are truly comfortable, what the problems are, to improve main weakness and learn main strengths. Only after my “daily life” experience in the flat I can decide if taking and adding them to my selection. So I have to tell you that I'm really very proud of my wide range of unique and self-catering properties, which I am sure are perfect for a great and pleasant stay... This way-to.do is my strength as I perfectly know all the properties I handle so I am able to give you advice and any kind of information even over the phone or by email. If you don t find the ca.-opener you call me and I immediately tell you where it is. All the apartment I deal with are stylish and furnished with Tuscan Charm and provided with all the modern comfort. They all have WiFi (where it is possible), dishwasher and washing machine and (some of them) dryer. The most have air conditioning but not all as in a Medioeval town it is not always possible having it. In our countryside air conditioning is not necessary at all, believe me! I remind you to bring a light jacket for your dinner al fresco in the garden or at the pool… The most of them are provided even with bikes.

My main aim is to make your stay as pleasant as possible and as troubles-free as possible. I really want that everything runs smoothly! I do my best to offer a complete service from the beginning when you are still planning your dates, to your departure when you are sadly leaving Lucca and you need a help with boarding passes print or transfer to the airport. You are never left alone during your stay as I am always available with a complete assistance. First of all upon arrival.. you are met at the apartment, but often at the parking or at the train station, you are informed about everything about the apartment and then during your stay I am available over the phone, by email, and personally if needed.. for any queries, advice, information you may need… I address you to right tour guide, to the right chef, travel agents, language School or cooking class. Don t forget that I born and grown here in Lucca so I know everybody, any activities, any sites, any corner of this lovely walled town. Please take in mind that this “almost-concierge” service is completely free and included in the price you paid for renting the property and that I don t earn any money from any of my suggestions. If I suggest you a driver service or a guide rather than other is only because I know the service provided is great. I deal with your holiday as it was mine… what I ask you is keeping always in mind that accommodations are in private homes which reflect local traditions and the personal taste of the owner so I guess you must accept cultural or architectural differences.

verything is done following the Italian law, so it is clear and precise. No extra fees, no hidden costs. My agency commission is always included in the adverted price. I always issue the receipt for the rental price paid and for my commission. I don t want to be paid in advance. Of course, you have to give me a small deposit for making sure your reservation request but you will pay the outstanding balance only upon arrival or during your stay only after you have seen that the property you rented really correspond to the advertisement. I accept all the major credit card and bank transfer but I don t accept payment in Euros cash …. I know it is hard to believe! An Italian Real Estate Mediator who don’ t want to be paid in cash… Incredible! The fact is that the most recent Italian Law prefers electronic payments as everything is clearer … and I absolutely agree. Please keep in mind that I deal with self-catering properties only. No staff, no breakfast, no services into the rooms during your stay. So you have to take care of the chosen property as if it was your home. I don’ t deal with three/four days stay .. I deal with at least weekly or longer… in any cases I am sure you will love your place and you .I work for you holiday as they were mine….

I take all the pictures you see at my website by my old Nikon D50 but I am not a professional photographer .. So be prepared: when you arrive the apartment is always better than you though. I think that is very important. Pictures must be nice but not too beautiful otherwise when you arrive you are disappointed. And just right for this reason I take pictures of the apartment in its normality without making any special “maquillage” for the occasion. Maybe I but some flowers… and wait for the very sunny day but anything else. Ah! Last think: I am not able to use photoshop or any other programs of photo editing!!

I do my best to let you have a very pleasant and troubles- free stay.. …As I really think that a holiday home is something more than a simple place to stay!!!.

Look forward to meeting you in Lucca, Debora.